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Building A Healthy Relationship

True relationships are based on mutual love, respect and authenticity. Most people know that but it just remains true in theory and not in practice. Join us to learn how to bring the theory to life.

Learn To Give And Take In Your Relationship

A relationship is like any other partnership. It is based on give and take. We can teach you how to express love and also be open to receiving it.

Spend Quality Time Face To Face

We can help facilitate a true meeting of minds and hearts.

Stay Connected Through Communication

Learn how to keep the flame of connection burning with our insights into healthy communication.

Stages Of Dating Relationships

Initial Meeting/Attraction

Right impression doesn’t have to be rocket science. Simplicity and ease is the way to go.

Curiosity, Interest, & Infatuation

Healthy and authentic participation is absolutely necessary for success in relationships. For a more personal connection, you can check out Cirilla's and see if you can use any of their products to sparkle your relationship.

Enlightenment & Becoming A Couple

Learn how you can go through this stage successfully without any turbulence.

Commitment Or Engagement

Commitment Learn how to listen to the voice within when its time and make the decision.

A Healthy Relationship Means Two Healthy Individuals

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Latest Update From Our Blog

Unique Dating Apps In The World!

Unique dating apps in the world!

With the emergence of the digital world, dating and relationships have also found their way and place in this digital world. People were offered options of finding their true love and soulmates through introducing dating applications. As the demand for dating applications rose, the competition in the digital world eventually rose to result in many dating apps with unique features. So, let us look at such unique dating applications that were most likely to be used on a large scale by most people!

dating app

  • Jungle Dating: If you are someone who quickly gets intimidated by sudden dates or so, then jungle dating would be the right destination to find your “someone.” Jungle Date is designed in such a way that you can organise dates with a group of friends like a double, triple, or quadruple date. This app is a stress-free and safe one that could work in most cases because if you don’t like your date, you can just enjoy the outing with friends of yours!
  • Bumble: Bumble could be one of those dating applications that can go with a tagline, “By the women, and for the women”! Haha, that’s true because Bumble is created by women and often challenges sexist rules of dating and relationships. With its new ‘Bumble Bizz’ and ‘Bumble BFF’ features, the app allows people to find colleagues and friends. This is one of the user-friendly apps and recently added a feature helping heterosexual and same-sex couples.

popular dating apps

  • HER: HER is one of the popular dating apps explicitly designed for LGBTQ+ women. The app provides a place to a community of lesbian, queer, and bisexual women created by women. Also, HER is not just for females but is open to non-binary and cisgender too. Furthermore, the app constantly participates in hosting new events, group chats, and new platforms.
  • Happn: If you are trying to talk to a neighbour or a person who lives in the same colony but are struggling to do so, the “Happn” is there to make it happen for you!

The app uses your location and will match you with people based on the proximity regularly. One of the exciting parts of the app is that it calculates the number of times you and your love interests cross paths!

group chats

  • MuzMatch: MuzMatch is the right place for a single Muslim woman looking for a “Mr Right”!

The app provides a safe place for women with features like photo privacy, complete control on who can see you and an anonymous nickname. Also, the application filters allow men to search women based on their sect, ethnicity, and religious criteria. Do know that this is the only Muslim app that will include a chaperone or Wali in one’s matchings.

These are some of the unique and best dating applications designed explicitly by keeping in mind the criteria and features to offer so that people find their love!

Tips For Happier Relationships – How You Can Keep The Love Alive

Tips For Happier Relationships – How You Can Keep The Love Alive

Relationships can be challenging. They test you in many unique and different ways. Remember that relationships only work if you put good advice to practice. In this article, we will give some simple tips you can follow for happier relationships:

Embrace the Ups and Downs

You will be going through a lot of ups and downs in your relationship. It is best to embrace this as a natural aspect of the relationship. Do not jump to quick conclusions or make hasty decisions when the relationship is having issues.

forgive yourself

Don’t Be a Perfectionist

One thing you should never forget in life is that you do not have to be perfect. Remember that you are a human being with limited capacities and flaws. Learn to view yourself compassionately and forgive yourself.

Have Other Interests in Life

When you are happy, you tend to do many other things in your life to be happy. Do things to be productive. Instead of watching television, you may want to spend more time doing something that will reward you. By doing this, you will develop the capacity to enjoy relationships even more, especially if you and your partner share common interests.

Avoid Arguments

One of the best tips for happier relationships is to avoid arguments. Arguing in an unhealthy fashion with your spouse or significant other will never help the relationship become a better one. It usually makes the relationship worse.

The more often you argue, the more depressed you and your partner will become. To keep the relationship from being ruined, compromise should be learned. There is no need to go to extremes such as splitting up if there is an issue between the two of you.

Healthy Disagreements

Another thing you should learn is that couples tend to disagree about things. This is very normal, but do not allow it to get out of hand. There is nothing more annoying than a couple who bickers all day and night. You will want to learn what it means to ‘agree to disagree.’

Maintain Balance

Finally, one of the best tips for happier relationships is to maintain balance in your life. You must learn how to be balanced and know how to create or find balance in your life. Being balanced means doing everything within your power to keep the happiness and fulfillment of the relationship intact.

If you are constantly finding yourself arguing with your partner, try to find creative ways in which you can resolve these arguments. This will keep your relationship fresh, and it will help you build a long-lasting bond.

All in All

Remember that your relationship is precious. Do not let it get ruined by simple disagreements or even jealousy. In order to keep the love of your life, you must learn the tips for happier relationships. Learn to compromise, speak your mind, be considerate, and keep an eye on the little things. If you practice these tips daily, you will find that your relationship is indeed stronger than ever.

Tips You Need For Your First Date

Tips you need for your first date.

Are you worried about your first date? Do you have no idea what to do? It’s not easy to go on a first date. To help you boost your performances, we’ve put together a list of tips on how to prepare your first date.

Take the effort to dress yourself

When someone meets you for the first time, they will notice your physical appearance. Make sure your outfit impresses the other individual. Dress appropriately for the location, occasion, and time. Also, when dressing up, keep in mind your date’s preferences to show that you really like them.

Be on time!

Everything depends on time. Being on time, especially when you invite someone on a date or are invited. Allowing the other person to wait for you on the road or in a restaurant while you get there in comfort is not a good idea. On your first date, being late will leave a negative impression. It’s also possible that you won’t be offered another date with the same person.

communicate effectively

Make it comfortable

Don’t make the situation uncomfortable by only talking about your interest for the entirety of your date. You should be able to communicate effectively. Instead of just talking, try to listen to your date. Learn about your date’s hobbies and interests. Similarly, don’t just listen. Make an effort to talk about yourself as well.  Communication should take place on both sides, not just one. Keep your fingers crossed if you’re a good communicator. You might even score a second date!

Be confident

First dates aren’t always a disaster. You may be nervous, but don’t let it show on your face. Be confident and maintain eye contact with your date while conversing. Don’t appear uninterested, as this could turn off your date. It will not only boost your confidence, but it will also make you seem interested throughout the dating time.

last impression

Don’t change yourself

As said, ‘The first impression is the last impression,’ make it count. Many people are unsure about what to say and what not to say on first dates and how to behave and act differently to impress the other person. Don’t compromise with your personality to please someone else. Please show them your authentic self. If they want to stay with you, they’ll do so because of who you are, not who you appear to be. On the first date, don’t lie or hide anything. Attempt to reveal each detail about yourself that the other person needs to know. Take the opportunity to develop trust immediately.

Expect the Least

The first date might be the best or worst of your life. To be on the safe side, don’t have high expectations for your first date. Expect the worst since you can’t predict what will happen. Is there a chance you’ll get another chance? Only you and your actions will determine the outcome. So, put all of the pressure and expectations aside and enjoy your first date.