5 Things That the Best Plastic Surgeons Have in Common

1Linda Maxwell There are quite a few plastic surgeons out there, but choosing the right one is important if you want to get the most out of your procedure. This means that it’s a good idea to compare surgeons for a little while before actually hiring one, but you could be wondering what to look out for. If you keep these five things in mind that all good plastic surgeons have in common, however, you will know how to weed out the good from the bad.

1. Certification

All plastic surgeons should be certified through the board in their country; for example, the board that certifies plastic surgeons in the United States is known as the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Do your research to find out which board handles these certifications in your country, and make sure that your potential surgeon is properly certified. This ensures that he has the education and knowledge required in this special form of medicine.

2. Reasonable Prices

Plastic surgery might not be cheap, but some surgeons charge far more than others do. You might want to be a bit weary about surgeons who offer do provide their services for thousands of dollars cheaper than all of the competition, but you shouldn’t go with the cheapest surgeon, either. Instead, look for reasonable prices that are competitive with the pricing of other plastic surgeons in your area.

3. A Good Reputation

Although some people might be difficult to please, a good plastic surgeon should have a good reputation. Ask for testimonials and before and after pictures of those who have had their surgeries done, and consider running a search engine search to see if you can find any more information about your potential surgeon. Although no plastic surgeon can please everyone, plastic surgeons who have a bad reputation should generally be avoided.

4. A Good Consultation

Plastic surgery is a pretty big deal, so you deserve to have some one-on-one time with your plastic surgeon while you’re making your decision. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon should talk to you about what you want to gain from your surgery, what you can expect during and after your surgery and more. If your potential surgeon doesn’t seem to have time to talk to you about your procedure, you can probably assume that he won’t spend ample time with you during or after it, either.

5. Experience

Someone who is fresh out of medical school might be pretty good at what he does, but he simply won’t have the same level of experience that someone who has been performing plastic surgery for years does. You probably don’t want to be anyone’s “guinea pig,” so look for a surgeon who has plenty of experience. Not only do you want to ensure that he has experience as a surgeon in general, but you will also want to make sure that he has performed your particular procedure of choice quite a few times before you go under the knife.

By looking for these five qualities, you are sure to end up with a good plastic surgeon who will provide you with the care and procedure that you have been looking for.

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